The Prom Collection

Hi! It’s hard to believe February is already here, but time flies by when you’re doing what you love. I’m squeezing in as much sewing time as I can, but it isn’t nearly enough!  I’m quite excited about my new sewing project: The Prom Collection.

The last couple of weeks have been all about research, drawing, shopping for fabrics (my favorite part), and sewing up muslins (this part is vigorously involved but so worth it)! Ever since stumbling into Susan Khlaje’s books, these steps have become a part of my sewing routine.

Coming up with the designs for the Prom Collection has taken some planning.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, but things needed to be more cohesive.  Since I started this blog I’ve been dipping into the past with my designs and adding a splash of modernity to them. I always ensure that the classic elegance of yesteryear plays a large role in the final design, and this collection will be no different.

It’s a real thrill to see all the pieces on my cutting table as my concept comes to life.  For as long as I can remember I’ve played dressed up with day and evening dresses.  Family picture day was (and still is) a great excuse to get dolled up!  Today, I have more fun than I ever have before as I unfold fabrics, and sew my own designs. It is extremely rewarding!

Ok, now on to the fabric. I picked up this blackberry wine crepe and skin color sequin fabric that was practically falling into each other.  Ohh…I’m also going to incorporate something fun and flirty on the straps.

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I have to say the scallop sequin mesh fabric is one of my favorites purchases.



The showstopper though is this gradient white to black fabric I found.  So excited for this design (jumping up and down)!



Notions and boning couldn’t be skipped from my shopping spree, but I think I’ll save that process for another blog post.  

As always, have a fashionable week!




Photos: Hugo J. Quizhpi

Revisiting the 1950’s

My favorite designer is Christian Dior, so it was a no-brainer when I saw Simplicity Pattern 1155. To see a woman in a well-made dress, one that doesn’t outshine her, but becomes one with her, well…that’s perfection.  For me the style of the 1950’s (which was the era when Dior launched his first collection) was all about the cut and the details. It was the post-war era when full flowing skirts and soft rounded shapes oozed opulence. 

While attending The Fashion Institute of South Florida two years ago I began working on a full skirt pattern, but the idea for this style wasn’t fully there yet, so I put it aside. Then when I came across Simplicty Pattern 1155, I knew that unfinished skirt’s other half had finally come along.  The perfect pair if I say so myself.  So I altered the pattern to make it a crop top with button and loop closure.  It was important to keep the 1950’s element, but I added a modern twist to it, which is why this is a two piece. Though the top portion was cut low, I still wanted it to have the seamless continuation with a hint of skin at the waist.  I love the pleat detail in white against the fabrics shine and matte color.  Using both sides of the fabric gives it dimension and interest.  A detachable tulle bow in the back is the perfect accessory that ties it all together. The finished set exceeded my expectations.  It was a fun and girlie project I couldn’t pass up!

The crop top is made of white matte rayon and the matte side of the silky print fabric.  It has a calico underlined boned bodice along with an acetate lining fell stitched into place.  The straps are fell stitched along the edge of the top. The back has a handmade loop and button closure with a detachable tulle bow.  

The skirt is made from the glossy side of the silky print with a tulle overlay.  The inside is lined with blue acetate fabric and hemmed with lace for a polish look.  It has two interior hanging loops made from the lining fabric. An invisible zipper, hook & eye closure finish up the back.

Contact me if you would like to have this set as part of your fashion wardrobe, or any other retro inspired designs. I hope your weekend is fun and fashionable!



Removable bowtie on back


Model: Keily Camejo

*model is wearing a petticoat


Color Block Brocade Party Dress

We all have something that has a special meaning to us. Sometimes it tenaciously stays with us throughout the years. For me, that special thing arrived on January 30, 2013. On that day, in the wee hours of the morning, a novice version of myself was finishing up my first fully lined dress.  In fact, I had been so determined on perfecting every detail inside and out that unintentionally it ended up as a reversible dress! This dress definitely presented a steep learning curve with its princess seams, heart shaped neckline, lining and an invisible zipper. I thought I was out of my league in attempting to make it.  In hindsight I now realize how little I knew about the dressmaking process, but once I saw the finished product, I knew what I wanted to dedicate myself to.  I had made THE dress that would enhance my construction skills and fuel my passion for quality for years to come.

A combination of black crepe and silver brocade fabric make up the party dress.  It has a heart shaped neckline and full skirt.  It has black acetate lining that is machine understitched.  It also has an invisible zipper application with a hook-and-eye closure. 

Contact me for a consult if you would like to make a dress like this yours!


Model: Yaimari Rodriguez

Beauty and The Beast Inspired Dress

Inspiration Dress

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to be sharing my first post with you. This is a limited size 8 child size dress inspired by Beauty and the Beast (2017). It was the one worn by Emma Watson at the end of the movie. I’ve been obsessed with the flowers around the dress ever since I saw her wear it, so I decided to make one. I found a similar print and started by drafting a simple bodice and A line skirt (I really wanted to make it a full skirt).

The print fabric is a polyester chiffon and because the fabric is so delicate and see through I decided to underline it with white satin. The sleeves are see through with a half bell bottom.
The skirt has an underlayer of white satin with an attached slip with two rows of stiff tulle, which is what gives it that extra poof. It has a hook and eye and zip closure. The dress is fully lined using fell stitches. The flowers are handmade from pink organza and red chiffon with pink beads in the center.

I love the final product. The dress is simple, elegant, but a head turner with those flowers!

There is only one dress up for sale so if you would like more information, email me! Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing many more designs with you.

Happy Monday!