Color Block Brocade Party Dress

We all have something that has a special meaning to us. Sometimes it tenaciously stays with us throughout the years. For me, that special thing arrived on January 30, 2013. On that day, in the wee hours of the morning, a novice version of myself was finishing up my first fully lined dress.  In fact, I had been so determined on perfecting every detail inside and out that unintentionally it ended up as a reversible dress! This dress definitely presented a steep learning curve with its princess seams, heart shaped neckline, lining and an invisible zipper. I thought I was out of my league in attempting to make it.  In hindsight I now realize how little I knew about the dressmaking process, but once I saw the finished product, I knew what I wanted to dedicate myself to.  I had made THE dress that would enhance my construction skills and fuel my passion for quality for years to come.

A combination of black crepe and silver brocade fabric make up the party dress.  It has a heart shaped neckline and full skirt.  It has black acetate lining that is machine understitched.  It also has an invisible zipper application with a hook-and-eye closure. 

Contact me for a consult if you would like to make a dress like this yours!


Model: Yaimari Rodriguez

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