New Belle Dress (Beauty and the Beast)


“Tale as old as time, true as it can be…” ~ Mrs. Potts

The iconic yellow dress from Beauty and The Beast ballroom dance scene was probably my most anticipated project of the year. All I needed was the right moment. The detailed work had my name written all over it. Then I got a call from a friend asking if by any chance I had time to make THE Belle dress. I almost fell out of my seat. Yes there was time, and now I had a reason to begin.

I used Simplicity pattern 8405 and altered the entire pattern to make a bigger size, which also prepared it for the decorative edges framing the face. The main layer of the bodice is matte crepe, underlined with 100% (cotton) calico to make a sturdier under layer in preparation for the chiffon fabric.  I made a pattern for the scalloped chiffon edges and seared it to prevent it from fraying.  It was then tacked in place with invisible thread. This ensured it had movement but did not lose its shape.

The main full skirt is made from yellow satin.  Layers of yellow polyester organza make up the overskirt.  I drew two templates for the crystal-like design that would be applied all around the edges using golden glitter. The slip has a layer of petticoat tulle net to give the skirt structure.  The zipper was handpicked in place.  The acetate lining and slip are fell stitched in place.  It has a hook, handmade thread eye, and a grosgrain waist stay.

I was thrilled with the final product.  My client couldn’t wait to put it on when she first saw it. A tale as old as time was now ready to be worn!


BelledressinternalBelledresszipperbelledressfrontcloseupyellowdressfinal (1)Belledressmodel

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